Why Real Estate Agents Need A Personal Website

Let me start this post off first by saying I am not trying to sell you anything!  No services, no templates, no out of the box real estate websites, etc.  This post is to educate you on why having a personal website is a must for any real estate agent.  Some of you may be asking ‘what for?’ I already have a page with my broker or real estate company that I work for.  That is good, keep that page on their website and still go out and have your own site that represents not only the properties you sell but you as a person as well.

A real estate website is not just listing homes for sale; that data is easily accessible through an IDX feed that you lease on a monthly basis.  Many real estate agents think the broker or company they work for will supply the leads, cold call for listings, find FSBO or simply pass out business cards to find new business.  Those tactics are not as powerful as what the internet can not only offer you but bring in as well.  Remember as a real estate agent you are self-employed and you will need to work your tail off to make it really work.

The Power Of The Internet

Gone are the days of someone looking in the phone book or picking up the phone to call a real estate agent they just saw a television commercial for.  Most people no longer use phone books and thanks to a DVR they simply skip commercials.  Enter the days of everyone using the internet to find what they are looking for, either on a computer, cell phone or tablet.  The most dominate real estate listing sites areRealtor.com and Zillow.com, but in the local search market, you can actually out rank these sites with your own.  If you have your own website you can also produce your own leads and track your own advertising campaigns to see just how far your advertising dollars are going.

Personal Branding With Your Own Website

This is what a lot of real estate professionals fail to realize, that branding yourself is more important than branding the company you work for.  Yes, you have that one page on their website, but that one page does not go into great detail as to who you are as a person or what your real experience can bring to the table.  What happens if you change real estate companies?

That one page you had before will be long gone and you now have to start all over again with a new company.  If you had your own personal website from the beginning it would not matter, your website goes with you and the advertising you have done for that site will not go to waste.  Simply change out the logo, company name, office number and you are still able to have that website generate quality real estate leads for you.

You can go even as far to give visitors your full background, letting them into your life so they know exactly the person they could be working with.  Show people you care, you should as you are in the business of selling a dream to someone.  If you have raised kids or are currently doing so then put it on your website so people who have children can relate to you.  Having your own personal website to brand yourself is almost like having a dating profile, let the people know who you are and what you are about before even meeting them face to face.  Self-branding goes a long way, especially in the real estate business as you need to be selling yourself and not the broker or company you work.

Personal Awards, Highlights and Testimonials

Were you a top producer at your company?  Were you a million-dollar seller?  Most sales in a month?  These types of awards should be showcased on your personal website so viewers can see you are serious about real estate and would be a great choice for them.  If you are better with certain aspects of real estate then that should be listed on a separate page so you can try and rank for that in your area.  City Name Short Sale Specialist, City Name Duplexes, City Name Apartments For Sale, the list can go on and don as to what you can and should be marketing yourself as.

Having true testimonials from real people on your website is a must.  Contact some of your clients and ask them if they could be used as a reference for potential new clients if need be.  If you are great with people and can bring them the results they were looking for the let them showcase their opinions on your website.  This is just another small marketing tool that should be used to help convince the website visitor on why they need to contact you for all of their real estate needs. See more this

Let The Website Be A Pool Of Information

This is where many real estate agents stop and think they are done with their website.  They have a brief about page, testimonials and a full MLS data feed of all properties in the area and they are done…WRONG!  In today’s day and age turn your website into a true resource of information where people looking for real estate in your area come to and see that you offer more than just listings.  Here is just a short list of things you can talk about on your website or even build a blog and add articles

  • Mortgage information
  • Government housing programs
  • Local events and meetings
  • Home repairs, DIY projects, common problems home owners face, etc.
  • Real estate investment information

The list can go on and on as to what you can have on your website and if you implement this type of content on your website you surely will stand out from the rest of the real estate professionals in your local area.  Visitors will see you are not only offering to help them buy or sell, but you are pointing them in the right direction to other things related to real estate and your local area.

Be The Local Agent That People Know And Trust

By having your personal website to build upon over the years, you are branding yourself, your experience, knowledge and helpfulness to people in your area.  You also have total control over your website and gain the ability to target certain areas or types of real estate you want to deal with.  You want to strive to be the go to real estate agent in your area that everyone knows will get the job done and help them every step of the way.  Remember you are not only selling real estate, but you are selling yourself as well and trying to do that without a personal real estate website is hard to do these days.

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